Santaclash III

December 9, 2015 goerp 0

  Don’t mind him, it’s just the white hair talking….   My usual drawing tools are already packed for tomorrow, so a hand drawn ugly […]


December 2, 2015 goerp 0

For those who don’t know who the guy above is: it’s Sinterklaas, the Dutch/Flemish version of Santa Claus. I’ve made quite a lot of cartoons […]


November 29, 2014 goerp 0

A bit ‘mosterd na de maaltijd’; the high point of the ‘zwarte piet discussion‘ has passed already. (also, I have no idea why I’m typing this […]

First post

January 1, 2013 goerp 0

So, another year another blog. This time I went for WordPress because you can post Flash movies/games in it. This one is made in Flash, […]