Cynics double bill

March 13, 2017 goerp 0

I found a Tomb Raider fountain pen in the attic (no idea where I got it) and some ink cartridges, so I wanted to try […]

You’re breaking up

February 10, 2016 goerp 0

“I didn’t get that last one. Thou shalt not watch por . . ? Sorry I’m entering a tunnel. Bye!” Hmm, the previous cartoon was also […]

the alrighty lord

February 3, 2016 goerp 0

“oh, almighty Scrum Master in the sky, what should we do?” “don’t ask me, I just facilitate the process”

Where’s your God now?

May 13, 2015 goerp 2

  I’ve been making some changes to my site. There are more changes planned and hopefully less site-breakers (at one point I couldn’t even reach the […]