Bitchy scratchy

October 21, 2018 goerp 0

Made during a bus journey. It’s ugly and scratchy, but somehow feels right for the idea.

Cynics double bill

March 13, 2017 goerp 0

I found a Tomb Raider fountain pen in the attic (no idea where I got it) and some ink cartridges, so I wanted to try […]

lap drawing part 1

January 13, 2016 goerp 0

I’ve been trying to do some ‘couch drawing’. here’s my first try. b I haven’t installed my regular font yet, so it’s hand lettered. Doesn’t […]

Terms of employment

November 4, 2015 goerp 0

A week ago I did some live cartooning for a international seminar organized by CINOP. During the morning I would make cartoons about the things […]