Immutable entity

March 19, 2021 goerp 0

This is also available as a Commodore 64 executable to download on CSDB

Plazzle: post mortem

July 9, 2020 goerp 0

Last week the Reset64 Craptastic 4k Game compo deadline ended and I managed to squeeze in two games. Quite pleased with that. So I think […]

Petscii post

January 11, 2020 goerp 0

Petscii is the Commodore version of Ascii. Apart from the standard numbers and letters it includes some symbols all 8×8 pixels. Creating a drawing with […]

Spriting for the future

October 8, 2019 goerp 0

Still working on the Willow Pattern Adventure re-crack project I hope to finish one day (hopefully before turning 50 :D). This is supposed to go […]

Online c64 drawing tool

April 21, 2019 goerp 0

Wasn’t it Einstein who said: “That’s not me! That looks like Gerard Depardieu playing me!”? I know it’s not a great drawing, but that’s what […]

C64 tweeting

August 8, 2018 goerp 0

The page is on the internet for a while now, but I had some trouble getting everything working properly, but now I think it’s good […]

Kung Fu Pixel online

July 8, 2018 goerp 0

The Forum64 and Protovision Game Compo (F64PGC) has ended and the jury reports are live: There are some ‘harsh but fair’ critcisms of my […]

Moar games

July 1, 2018 goerp 0

Last Saturday was the deadline for the Reset64 4K Craptastic Game Competition. Make a Commodore 64 game which is no more than 4096 bytes (when […]