Going down

December 8, 2018 goerp 0

This is another one from Norway. I was waiting at a cafe waiting for a cable car down and had a coffee. I only took […]

Climate unremained

December 6, 2018 goerp 0

Being above the Arctic circle in November you expect it to be a lot colder. I made this when I just arrived in Tromsø. At […]


December 4, 2018 goerp 0

Another one made in Norway. For about a week I did not see the sun. And it wasn’t because of clouds. On the flight back […]

Free cartoon in Tromsø

November 19, 2018 goerp 0

I was in Tromsø, Norway last week. While having a tea in Nordnorsk Kunst Museum I couldn’t resist the nice paper and soft pencils lying […]

Not europassed

November 12, 2018 goerp 0

I had this idea for months and thought about using it for Europass. But I forgot about it. Luckily Brexit is still topical in November […]

Bitchy scratchy

October 21, 2018 goerp 0

Made during a bus journey. It’s ugly and scratchy, but somehow feels right for the idea.

Carpun diem

September 20, 2018 goerp 0

Testing out some new drawing material with this terrible pun.