I can’t breathe!

April 13, 2020 goerp 0

I really can’t imagine being the first to come up with this idea. If I am, the world really is in a sorry state.

There’s no place like home

March 23, 2020 goerp 0

I made this cartoon years ago for my companie’s in-house magazine. I found it recently and seemed apropriate for the current situation/

Return of the cynics

January 31, 2020 goerp 0

After quite a long pause, finally another cartoon of ‘The Cynics Handbook” series. Thanks to Anita Grbavac for inspiring me to do another (I would […]

Privacy concerns

January 19, 2020 goerp 0

First cartoon of the year on my site. Not many cartoons lately. Not that I don’t have any ideas, but I’m just not that motivated […]