Where’s your God now?

all new and improved god


I’ve been making some changes to my site. There are moreΒ changes planned and hopefully less site-breakers (at one point I couldn’t even reach the admin menu).
If you’ve found any errors you can leave me a message via the contact-form (in the About Goerp section) or leave a comment (you can’t leave comments anymore in the main blog site, you have toΒ click a post title).


  1. when I click the G+ button tho share it on Google (and yes… I do realise how much you hate your cartoon showing up when other peopel share them) it shares the previous cartoon instead of the one I (thought I) clicked?

    could be just me ofcourse… all this fancy computer stuff since my C64 has been hard to understand anyways…

    • Yes,that is annoying. I have made a change to the site so thumbnails are shown of Purvis and next cartoons, but they are recognized by algorithms as the first (and therefore main) picture.
      If you share on Google plus itself, you can choose the picture to share.

      There is probably a way to prevent this from happening.Will look into that.

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