Two minds think alike, plagiarism or just predictable?

I recently visited the Too Much Coffee Man site. I hadn’t looked there for years.
I was surprised to find TWO cartoons that reminded me of other cartoons I made.

They were not identical and the ideas are not so shockingly new that anyone else could not have thought of them, but it still was weird.

Here they are (don’t forget to visit Shannon Wheeler’s site :

The Too Much Coffee man cartoon,

copyright still shannon wheeler

My cartoon

090622 expositie


My Cartoon.
It’s in Dutch but roughly translates as:
(on the painting it says “ART”)
“yes, but is it art?”
“thats what is says, can’t you read?”

Shannon Wheelers cartoon (

My cartoon:


The Yes Men had a competition to design a poster for their movie. This was one of my ideas. An ’employee’ of the Yes Men informed me, I was too late but that they could use the cartoon for another Yes Men Stunt.  I send them some cartoons and they said they liked them, but I never heard from them again (and so don’t know if they ever used them).

You can see the similarities in the ideas and actually it makes me proud to think that a ‘real full time’ cartoonist would use the same ideas.


2 thoughts on “Two minds think alike, plagiarism or just predictable?

  1. Shannon Wheeler

    I love it. I’d call it “great minds thinking alike.” I always google a gag if I feel like it’s one that should have already been done. My google skills aren’t what they should be.

  2. Sandra

    Wauw such coincidence. Two minds with great humor

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