I was watching a Commodore 64 demo on Youtube (Nostalgia Nerd!) when ‘gasp!’ ‘shock!’ I saw: Someone plagiarized a effect I made for Excel!

I admit it’s pretty unlikely someone running into that obscure corner of the internet that is my Excel-weird-stuff-site.
OK so no plagiarims but Morphogenetics!

Judge for yourself:

The demo (admire the whole thing or skip to 9:00):C64Demo

A movie of my Excel sheet in action:


Even IF  they were inspired by my idea: it’s still a lot more difficult to recreate it for the Commodore64 (after thinking up the idea, making it in Excel took hardly any time).

And frankly I would be flattered and glad that someone had a peek at my Excel sheets (hmm, sounds like an euphemism).

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