Ludum Dare 30 + solution

The previous weekend was another Ludum Dare weekend. Although I found it tough, I’m pretty pleased with the result.
As usual I try to think of a game that other people will not think of. And as usual my game is not very easy (or fun) to play. The general feedback is that it’s HARD.
And until yesterday it was so hard, it was unfinishable. I feel sorry for the people that made an effort to get it right.

The theme was ‘connected worlds’. I didn’t find it very inspiring and found it hard to come up with something that was not literally about planets that are connected. In the end I tried to make a game where you have to make a connection form the quantum world to the world of gravity. It is also a love story.

scrfeenshot def0

Because I wasn’t very fast, I didn’t have much time for music. I did some chords with  an alien sound effect and some improviation with the chords in the back of my mind. What I really wanted to use was Aquestone. It is a VST plugin where you can add a text file, consisting of japanese syllables, to midi so the text is sung.
The story is about Earth and love, so I translated  those words to Japanese (I hope) and used those text to create some ambient ‘singing’ which I used in the game, have a llisten to some examples:

The game and some explanation can be found here:

Because the game is hard, I have some hints below. Inevitably it contains spoilers. Click a page number if you don’t mind.

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