The first day of the cynic

Almost forgot to post this cartoon. But it’s still wednesday where I live 🙂

first day of the rest of your life

I’m trying out a new drawing program Manga Studio. The cartoons before I had to use at least two programs to create a cartoon. I used MyPaint because painting with Gimp isn’t very nice, I used Gimp for lettering and moving and resizing (MyPaint doesn’t do copy paste, lines, move layers, lettering) and I had to use a program like Krita to use CMYK color profiles. Manga Studio is meant for making comics so it should be able to do all these things. I’m still trying it, this is my first try. It’s very easy to do captions and the water colors are OK (MyPaint is nicer but gets terribly slow on large brushes).

The pens I’m not content with yet. But there are loads of setting so I’ll play around with it some more.

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