Ben Eath, post mortem post

Two weeks ago I made the game (term used loosely) ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’ for the Ludum Dare 29 competition.
Usually people write a ‘post-mortem’ about making the game, writing about what went right what went badly, stuff like that. It’s also used to promote your game.

I came up with an idea to write a post-mortem in a different way: write it in the form of a ‘making of’. It’s written as if Ben (the protagonist of the game) and I made the game together.

It’s probably not done well (not much experience writing), but I think there are some funny bits to it and I ¬†made some cartoons to accompany the story.

click the picture to read the post.

The Bee Cheesees

And here are two drawings I had no space for in the post:

A ‘bomb’ in it’s original use
cement mixer
The cement mixer used to mimic the boat’s engine



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