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abandon all hope

This one cost me a lot of time.

I wanted to do a different one, but after Googling a bit found that quite a lot of people had the same idea.  I might do still it but with some changes.
Anyway, I had to choose a different one. I took an idea I had a few hours earlier (not always the best idea). I started doing it in a simple style, then after a while realised I wanted to do this series in black and white. I decided to redo the drawing from scratch. Might as well make it more realistic, right?
Well . . . technically, I’m not really a very good cartoonist. So to get an ’embossed’ feel for the lettering  I used an out-the-box tool from Gimp. But I usually do everthing by hand (except the font) and using a tool means it’s hard to make it not stand out like a golden ring on a turd.

And at the end of that I realised that the previous cartoon had a border with a title, so I had to change it again.

The end result looks OK, but sure was a lot of work.

I hope most people get it (and find it funny)!

Oh no, I just realised: I’ll probably have to redo it again, because I want the series  to have a coherent style (though I’m not sure what style).

Next week I’ll do an easy one.

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