Small update

Did not do much today, but I updated the character set of the Helsing game.

I found the first version very flimsy, so I made the lines a bit thicker.  I’m pleased with the result so far.

Look at the difference

how it used to look
how it used to look
The new version>
I’m not sure about the ‘s’.

I also made the border a bit thicker. It looks now a bit more like the texts you get with a silent movie (the movie ‘Nosferatu eine Symphonie des grauens‘ was in the back of my mind when I originally was designing the Vampires).

The biggest disadvantage is that the Title doesn’t look big enough with the thick new subtext. But I probably will redo most of the graphics anyway.
I also decided to use two different character sets on the game screen, one for the text and one for the graphics. I have room in the video memory and I have the advantage of being able to  use 256 changed characters for graphics and for text use upper case lower case and numbers.

The split screen is already working so I only have to swap char sets at the split screens and you can do that by changing one byte in memory.

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