Playable version Helsing’s Hunt

that is to say: when you use a broad definition of ‘playable’. You can call it pre-alpha (you can, because all games start pre alpha, right?).

At EDIT: is a version online. It can be played in the browser using the Java applet, but your security settings might not let you. You can also download it and play it through an emulator (or transfer it to a floppy).

It’s pretty buggy still, contains mostly placeholder music (hello Mr Hubbard!). You only have to kill 2 vampires to get to level 2. Some graphics are corrupt (for instance the candle in level 2).
Known bugs (list not complete):

  • ‘restore’ restarts the game, but at the wrong moment can crash the game.
  • After killing a vampire on level 2, the game hangs on a blinking screen.
  • The vampire in level 2 is closer than the shadow suggests.
  • The number of vampires left for the level are not correctly displayed.
  • Vampire is not displayed on startscreen.
  • Sometimes the introduction screen of level 1 is not shown (keyboard buffer not cleared correctly).

I hope to implement an ending this week. After that Helsing can start the hunt for better graphics and some original music 😉
Maybe add another level between what is now level 1 and level 2.

Oh, most screens require  you to push ‘s’ to continue, but not all screens mention that.

This one does:

game over
how to make a skull with 16*16 pixels, pff




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