Now it gets interesting

Memory problems!

I was trying to make more graphics for the second level. Someone pointed out that the wall in the second level looked like it a ‘vertical line’ in it. That made the wall look less natural than intended.
So I tried to fix that and ended up with 240 unique character definitions. If wouldn’t be able to fit them all in if I want to include the alphabet and numbers as well. Every character set can have 256 different characters.
So now what?
I’ve edited the graphics so it uses more of the same characters. But maybe I don’t have to have the alphabet during level 2? Or I could switch character sets at different pointers on certain raster lines.
It’s all doable, but also a hassle.

I read last weekend that the makers of Maniac Mansion had a tool that would look for similar characters and would suggest which ones were alike and maybe could be made the same.

I wonder . . . if I mailed Lucasarts or Ron Gilbert, would they be able and willing to provide me with that tool? 🙂
Well, here goes nothing. Just sent a tweet to mr. Gilbert.

While on the subject of problems: I wanted to post how the new graphics looked, but ehm.. well . . . all is not well. Will fix that tomorrow.

and then it all went horribly wrong
no idea what went wrong here. You can still make out a bit of the graphics. Which is weirder than no graphics!

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