More Helsing Stuff

The flow of the game is working pretty good now.
It’s quite easy to make transitions from intro to startscreen to helpscreen to level intro to level. Or any transition you like.
It’s now also possible to play the first level, beat it and progress to level 2. Level 2 has no stabbing, no hit detection so you’re stuck there, but that’s next on my list.

Story flow was pretty good as well today. Didn’t work very hard, but it went smoothly. Only broke the game once.

There are now (placeholder) melodies for the intro, the startscreen, during play (I’ve incorporated the original tune into the Hubbard Routine) and there’s a soundeffect when you stab.
I had some trouble getting to grips with the Hubbard routine, because I forgot the influence of the instrument definitions have on a tune. I got it now.

All this text is of course a bit boring so I thought I’d also post some musical ideas I have for the game.
There’s two, one in a midi version (made with Power Tab) and a mp3 version ¬†played on guitar.

idee helsing 2

The other is made with a Violin simulation app on my phone.

They’re pretty rough sketches and I also have other ideas, so we’ll see what ends up in the game.

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