3Doodler test

Today I finally got my 3Doodler 3D pen I got as backer of their Kickstarter campaign.
I must say, it’s not as easy to master as the videos make it look, but that’s to be expected.

Here’s are some results of a few hours trying it out:

A scene from my game Helsing’s Hunt, with the name of this site..
Because the game uses outlines it seemed like a good choice for this test.

It’s hard to do an even line that’s not too thick or too thin. The pen regularly stops and what I didn’t know: when you stop, you’ve got to pull the pen quickly away or you will get thin threads of plastic. ¬†Also the plastic sticks quite a lot to paper, which makes removing it a bit hard. There was more canopy, but I couldn’t get it from the paper. Also the right leg of Helsing is broken.
And this happens with the type of plastic that is supposed to come of the paper easily. Maybe I’m pushing too hard.

Still, it’s cool to draw with plastic/


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