Helsings Hunt-A stab in the dark is DONE!


In my teen years I was too lazy and distracted to get into game programming. I tried it a bit but soon gave up and just played games.
Now several decades later I have redeemed myself!. I made a game in assembly in less than two weeks (almost within a week!) and it’s not even bad (just a bit crappy).
I’ve made worse in Flash.

OK nowadays you have the internet and hard disks and cross assemblers which make it a lot easier, but then again: I gave myself some extra hurdles:

I forgot about the site codebase64 (a great resource!) until 95% of the game was done and I didn’t search long enough for the best tooling. I ended up using an assembler which had some obscure bugs (goodbye day one!) and making the graphics in Excel.

But had a lot of fun!
Finding out how to use JAC64 so you could play the game in a browser was a pain in the ass, because I couldn’t get documentation, but in the end it worked.

So here is a screenshot:

and here are some links:

2 thoughts on “Helsings Hunt-A stab in the dark is DONE!

  1. Joerg

    Theres a bug!!

    It goes like this:

    1.Introscreen, you press S to start.
    2.You instantly die eventhough you are far from the vampire. You have to press r to restart.
    3.Game works fine again.

    This doesn’t happen all the time, and it seem to happen only (?) on the first go after the game is loaded.

    1. goerp

      Thank you for your bug report. I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug, but I guess it might depend on the emulator. Different emulators have different arrangements of the initial start-up memory. I’ve added another initialization of the sprite collision on start up though. I think that might help.

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