Helsings Hunt-A stab in the dark is DONE!


In my teen years I was too lazy and distracted to get into game programming. I tried it a bit but soon gave up and just played games.
Now several decades later I have redeemed myself!. I made a game in assembly in less than two weeks (almost within a week!) and it’s not even bad (just a bit crappy).
I’ve made worse in Flash.

OK nowadays you have the internet and hard disks and cross assemblers which make it a lot easier, but then again: I gave myself some extra hurdles:

I forgot about the site codebase64 (a great resource!) until 95% of the game was done and I didn’t search long enough for the best tooling. I ended up using an assembler which had some obscure bugs (goodbye day one!) and making the graphics in Excel.

But had a lot of fun!
Finding out how to use JAC64 so you could play the game in a browser was a pain in the ass, because I couldn’t get documentation, but in the end it worked.

So here is a screenshot:

and here are some links:


  1. Theres a bug!!

    It goes like this:

    1.Introscreen, you press S to start.
    2.You instantly die eventhough you are far from the vampire. You have to press r to restart.
    3.Game works fine again.

    This doesn’t happen all the time, and it seem to happen only (?) on the first go after the game is loaded.

    • Thank you for your bug report. I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug, but I guess it might depend on the emulator. Different emulators have different arrangements of the initial start-up memory. I’ve added another initialization of the sprite collision on start up though. I think that might help.

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