Easter eggs hatching

This Easter I got the itch to make some Easter-themed cartoons. I already left a few on the blackboard at work (but they’re in Dutch, so I won’t post them here).

But those few weren’t enough to get rid of the itch; I wanted more and I wanted them for the C64!

So I made three more. All can be found on csdb.dk as usual, but here they are as well.

Eggdiana Jones

cartoon in Commodore 64 hires format (320x200 pixels), it depicts the Easter Bunny dressed as Indiana Jones eyeing up a big Easter egg on a pedestal in a cave trying to judge its weight.
Eggdiana Jones and the chocolate idol.

Download of the C64 executable: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=241069

animated gif showing workstages of the cartoon

Easter Island

cartoon depicting Easter Island, but where the statues are all bunnies
Easter Island

This cartoon suggests that it is a wider drawing than normal on a C64. It contains a standard hires bitmap, but by changing the border color to black at the right places it seems to extend into the right and left border. Surprisingly easy to do.

Download of the C64 executable: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=241175


The Ghost of Easter Future

Cartoon depicting Jesus on the cross looking at the easter bunny floating in front of his face. 
It has the title Jesus is visited by the ghost of easter future.
The bunny says: "I hop around and hide chocolate eggs for the kids"
Jesus angrily shouting "What? I die for this? This is bullshit!"

download of C64 executable: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=241470

Here I have extended the resolution by adding a sprite layer above and beneath the standard 320×200 pixel bitmap. A sprite layer is only 192 pixels wide so I use a transparent coloured layer to indicate where I can draw pixels in the top and bottom.
You can see them in the workstages, but I made a mistake and made the two layers 48 pixels high instead of 24 pixels. So I actually had more bitmap than I realised (luckily I didn’t need it).
I also wanted to extend the drawing by changing the border color again to make the hills extend into the side border. But that messed up my code and caused some flickering. I didn’t want to fix it and left it like this.
After publishing om CSDb I found out that the drawing doesn’t work well on NTSC.
I really should fix that, I use the code for more drawings.

animated gif of workstages of the cartoon

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