Advent of cartoons

Well, not really. This is something I started on the 1st of December and am planning to do until December the 31st.

I just wanted to do a bunch of cartoons of the enormous heap of ideas I have (literally) lying about.

They’re posted first on Twitter, but recent developments have reminded me, that my own site is a more stable outlet for my work.

Here are the first 8

2 thoughts on “Advent of cartoons

  1. Advent of toons part 2 – Goerp

    […] time to share the next batch (go here to view the first batch) […]

  2. Advent of toons part 3 – Goerp

    […] The last batch of cartoons I made for my one-a-day challenge for december. Maybe I’ll add some behind the scenes/blooper-reel kind of epilogue later. But for now: enjoy these.The previous parts:part 1 […]

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