Helsings Hunt (update1)

I seem to be getting the hang of this assembler (C64 Program Generator).
I found a few bugs (in my program AND teh assembler) and now the basis is working.

This first demo can be downloaded HERE. You will need an C64 emulator to run it (VICE for instance which is free and can be downloaded HERE.

It looks like this:Screenshot2

That title looked so large when I designed it in Excel, but it’s tiny now!

I already had some music lying about that feels appropriate.
You can hear it HERE.


  • designed the sprites
  • created start screen, with changed char set
  • loading of standard char set
  • changed music to two voices
  • lightning flash at random intervals with change in sound

To do (list not complete)

  • listen for key press
  • build play screen
  • list of note frequencies for music
  • music in interrupt
  • placing and moving of sprites
  • animation of sprites in different framerates
  • check for collision and implement death of player or vampire
  • game over screen and you’ve won screen
  • creating foreground (grass) for game

There are lots of nice to haves; more, better graphics, filtering of sound and  . . ..

But I’m making progress now. Good!

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