Tiptoeing between giants

A few months back I was approached to make some cartoons for the DiskMag Vandalism News.
The C64 scene magazine exists since 1991 and I was quite honoured to be asked for this (and apprehensive).

The resulting magazine was released at the 2022 Revision Demo party this Easter. It’s full of articles and some amazing pictures and music . . . and my cartoons.

You’d be forgiven for not noticing my contributions within that deluge of quality. So I’m posting them here as well in the right context: how they appear in the magazine.

All in all it was exiting to do and as always a bit anxious about how it’s going to be received (I find my drawings sub-par for the scene) and feel I should have done a few things better.
Room for improvement for next time.

The editor found a typo at the last minute in this one. Phew!
And he fixed as well.
“lamer” is scene-speak for the opposite of 1337, “the elite”

I wanted to have a cartoon without text. I came up with an idea I liked (which was a comic strip rather than a cartoon), but couldn’t get it within one page, so it ended up as a two-pager.

With this one, something went wrong. I’m guessing something to do with the background colour. The original looks a bit different: the disk.
Also there’s a stray pixel I missed. Sometimes when saving I click within the pic by accident (I guess).
The list is about hackers competing on several areas. Being the first one to ‘crack’ a game is one of them.

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