The death of Flash post-mortem part 1

End of life for Flash

With Adobe ending support for the Flash browser plugin, this really is the end of all fun things on the internet.
Which for me also means the end of being able to show the things I did with that wonderfl (no typo!) tool.

So to celebrate that monumental event I intend take one final look back at some of the things I made with it through the years.

Ludum Dare

Without Flash I probably would never have entered the Ludum Dare game competition.
Last week there was another Ludum Dare competition, which I participated in with the help of @helpcomputer0. Sadly we didn’t get it finished in time (that is, I didn’t).

But it reminded me of the other thingsI made for the Ludum Dare. And I want to start with a succesful one:

Ben Eath Surf Ace

There are people who accuse me of making game that have 10 times more back story than actual game play (well they don’t, but they should!).
This one was a perfect example of that.
In part inspired by the great/terrible cartoons of Roger Ramjet, this was a game made in a hurry. I had 48 hours for the competition, but I scrapped the initial idea I worked on in day one.

So 16 hours before the deadline I decided to make a completely different game. I had come up with the idea the night before. The theme was: “Beneath the surface” and I changed it to “Ben Eath the Surf Ace”. I wasn’t the only one to come up with that idea; in fact I think there were more than 20!

‘The dumbest game since Goat Simulator’, reason 1

Although the game was extremely simple, someone (Big Mike Mike) made a gameplay video of it. Which is the one of the two reasons I want to start with this game. I’ll let you watch it first:

My own verdict

The game pretty much turned out the way I wanted it: corny humor with simple animation and a bonkers ‘adventure’ just like Roger Ramjet.
I was also prettt pleased with the music I managed to mash together in one hour.

The making of: reason 2

People who participate in Ludum Dare James sometimes write post-mortems of their game. Being still on a high of having made a game in a few hours I was actually pleased with, I decided to also write one, but do it a bit different.

I made a kind of ‘fake making of’ article complete with pictures as if it was documentary. I was maybe even more pleased with how the post-mortem turned out. And I still like it!

It was still on the old site of Ludum Dare, but that’s been off-air for a while now, so I found it on the internet archive, ripped it (it was mostly my content anyway) an it’s now on my site.

You can find it here:

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