Petscii post

Petscii is the Commodore version of Ascii. Apart from the standard numbers and letters it includes some symbols all 8×8 pixels.

Creating a drawing with those characters has become a kind of art form and also the new norm in de Commodore scene. Bitmaps have become old hat and PETSCII is the new cool.

I find drawing in PETSCII incredibly hard, but I gave it a try when CSDB announced a tiny petscii competition. Make a drawing using 8×8 PETSCII characters.

There has been a torrent of submissions. I made a few things, but there was only one I deemed good enough to enter the competition. It won’t win, but it will probably score 7+. Good enough for me.

Ludwig Petscii

And some non competing mini petsciis:

‘Tom’s TROMP’ based on the letter T in Tom Gauld’s Noisy Alphabet

I also had a few tries drawing a Furby, but I won’t post those here. Those were TERRIBLE!

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