Dance Dance Kung Fu Pixel

Not many updates lately.
One of the big reasons is I tried to finish a Commodore 64 game for the Forum 64 and Protovision Game competition 2017. The whole game is done within a 12×21 pixel resolution spread across most of the screen (including the borders), by just changing the border color.

While extracting the music for a SID file I played around a bit and made a program where the game sprites move to one of the in-game tunes.

It looked funny I thought so I uploaded it.

For the record: the video is of a different program than the game itself.

It’s a usual Commodore 64 screen where the animation is done by changing character colors.

On my computer the characters look to be a little behind the music in the video. That must be the computer the video or youtube, because the real thing is completely synchronised.

If you want to download the game you can find it amongst all the other entries at the official download page:

You can download this ‘dance’ program from

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