Happy birthday!

It was someone’s birthday todayΒ and I thought I would quickly put a drawing on his timeline. I came up with two ideas and the one he didn’t get was this one:


I don’t usually don’t to sexually tinted cartoons, because a lot of them aren’t funny, but this is more pun than sexual, I think (not sure about funny).

The one he DID get was maybe even worse (the pun, that is).
Oh , alright you can see that one as well. But it is VERY small:

flappy birdthday

While looking through my old drawings I also came across this animation I made with Corel Painter, also on the subject of birthdays:


I have some more animations. Maybe I’ll convert them to gif and post them here.

You’ll probably have to reload the page to see the animation, I didn’t make it loop.


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