I haven’t posted in a while so here’s a big one.

First: another Ludum Dare entry. The theme was ‘minimalism’ which I had some difficulty with. The informal subtheme was ‘Potato’. Both are loosely woven into the game I made. It took me three days and it’s still got bugs and it has the User Interface From Hell, but still I’m very pleased with it;


Click the picture to see the game (made with Flash).

I also made a comic describing the process (what in Ludum Dare terms is called a ‘Post Mortem’). It’s in two parts.
postmortem part1

postmortem part2

Yesterday Europass Netherlands also posted a cartoon I made for their ‘win a city trip”competition (Europass is an organisation that promotes working and studying in an other European country).

Foto: Wil je studeren, stagelopen of werken in het buitenland? Europass geeft twee vliegtickets weg! Ga naar en maak kans op een reis naar jouw droombestemming in Europa.

I also made another cartoon for the Europass Facebook site celebrating Europe Day (May the 9th). I’m not sure if they will post it on time (or if they like it enough) but if not, I will post it here as well.

Finally I found a sketch on my phone of an idea that I decided to finish.

13-05-06 why did the chicken cross the road



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