Terms of employment

A week ago I did some live cartooning for a international seminar organized by CINOP. During the morning I would make cartoons about the things the participants were doing and sticking them to the wall (the cartoons, not the people).
It was pretty exciting!  Among other things, because it was done with marker on paper, so no computer, no undo! But I had fun and the few hours just flew by!

The participants seemed to like my cartoons (or maybe they were gathering evidence for a court case).

Live cartooning in Zandvoort

In preparation I did some brainstorming on some the themes. Here is an idea I got for the theme ‘health and employment’ (I didn’t use it on the day, that felt like cheating):

Terms of employment


I advertised my site on the day. A shame I broke my site a few days later . .

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