Goerp in the wild

If you are in Groningen, the Netherlands the next few days you might see posters like this one:
I made the cartoon for this poster for ‘Noordertest’. It’s an event where organisations share their knowlegde about software testing (http://www.nnot.nl/index.php/noordertest).
They have some nice lecturess as well, so I think I will be there next thursday.
I think the designer of the poster did a nice job of combining all the required elements in one poster and still make the cartoon visible.

The theme of this years event is security and it is always held in a venue with the name ‘the castle’, so that’s where the inspiration came from.



I had a bunch of ideas, made four sketches and they chose this one.

Here isΒ an earlier version of the cartoon:

I thought it would be funny to call the file ‘trojan.exe.jpg’ but couldn’t send it, because anti virus programs don’t like names like that.
I think I will post the other three sketches later this week.

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