C64 browser plugin test

A while ago  I found a C64 emulator in javascript. I seemed an ideal substitute for the JAC64 browser plugin, because Java in the browser is hard to get working nowadays.

I had a lot of trouble getting the javascript module working and performance was not very good under Chrome. It didn’t help that I had trouble understanding the module.

Today I saw there were some changes, had another look and got it working. Performance was also good, so now I’ve (re)posted a (pretty old) version of Helsing’s hunt.

The javascript module is very good and you can try it with games and demo’s online: https://github.com/rjanicek/vice.js/

You can find ther original post, with updated link here:  https://blog.goerp.nl/?p=433

There has been progress on the game since, but the other versions I could find had all kinds of bugs.

I might do some work on it some again (sometimes I change a little bit), but my wishlist is growing faster than there I’m writing code, (n steps forward, n+1 steps back).

Some things on my wishlist:

  1. more music (maybe I’ll do shorter music, which is easier) for every level.
    I have integrated SidWizard so, that’s working.
  2. better graphics, (no longer random graphics (source of a lot of bugs)), but pre-designed levels where vampires are at random places. I’ve played a bit with charpad and here is a quick thing I came up with :


  3. a progress bar like they made in the Ghost’s and goblins Arcade remake (http://csdb.dk/release/?id=139257, awesome stuff!)
  4. More interesting starting screen

Ah, too much!

But now that I have got an emulator working I can also show another C64 prototype in the browser:

Here is some working animation and music I did while doing a Ludum Dare (but abandoned after day one, the name ‘Catscratch’ was good, though.):


That’s it for now. More hopefully useful and/or funny things later in the week.



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