Greeced lightning

A photo of a quick sketch with texts added afterward to make it readable.

I’m no expert, but I do find it a bit weird that you lend money to someone who is already over their head in debt and call it ‘help’.

But enough politics. In a few minutes I will post a silly one as compensation for this one.

Oh and the thing you see in the top right corner is a pencil. The drawing is quite small!


  1. I’m no expert either, but what’s so strange about giving some relief? Even if it is a loan, it can be of temporary help. You can pay back later if you don’t need help anymore. It sounds pefectly logical to me, to be honest.

    • Hey, a comment. Cool!
      You could be right. But considering what previous help did to the Greek economy, and all the demands the EU make, I’m doubtful Greek will be better off.

      But I’m not the one making the decisions. I observe and make cartoons. And hopefully those will make people laugh. And maybe after that think, but first of all laugh.

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