Project progress

A few weeks ago I made a cartoon that was also in C64 format. I’d like to make more in that format.
I tried a few programs that were good, but they never quite fitted my way of working.
So I decided to make my own drawing tool.

I decided on Super Hires format (hires bitmap with sprite overlay, 8 sprites 8xmultiplexed), because it gives me just that bit more freedom, than normal bitmap. SuperHires FLI would be nice, but I want to be able to program my own viewer for the C64 and I haven’t been able to do that, yet.

The program is in Flash and has a aspect ratio of about 800×1200, because I want to export it as an Android app as well.

The app is in a very early stage, the controls are all over the place and at the moment you can only export the sprites and only as ASM text, but already I like the drawing with it in the Sprite layer. Of course that is the easy layer, the bitmap layer with the 8×8 color grid is more challenging. You can change colors, but it’s totally not user friendly.

Here is what the app looks like now:

screenshot 22-6-2015
for debugging purpose I have this terrible background color.

And here’s the exported C64 result:
and on a real C64:

I’m planning on making it open source (a bit scary when everybody can see the messy code). But it will not be today.

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