Metro (clou less)

The Dutch Metro gave comic artist the opportunity for a week to send in a comic strip to feature in their newspaper.

Just before the deadline I found out about their offer and quickly send something in. A simple idea and drawing style so it would take as little time as possible.
It never got published. In the end Metro only published three comics, not sure why, there were enough entries. I DID notice that one of their regular comic artists made a series of cartoons that could have been inspired by my idea, hmmm.

Anyway, here is my last minute entry (it’s in Dutch).



Attempt at translation (not by Google):

Dom and Dick make a comic

The Metro started a comic competition.
Yes! Eternal fame, money, chicks!

It has to be exceptional
A real winner
But not insulting

The deadline is almost there, QUICK think of something, something funny, NOW!
Don’t push me, man! I can’t do it like this!, AAAH!

5. Due to illness of Dom and Dick, no punchline today.

Yes, it’s one of my pseudo-paradoxial last-minute (like



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