More Noordertest

October 28, 2019 goerp 0

Here’s a cartoon I made during some talks at Noordertest. I changed a few details after the event (mostly translating the text to English). It […]

Noordertest 2019

October 21, 2019 goerp 0

This year the organisation of Noordertest hired me to make some cartoons for their posters again. As usual I had more ideas so I’ll post […]

Spriting for the future

October 8, 2019 goerp 0

Still working on the Willow Pattern Adventure re-crack project I hope to finish one day (hopefully before turning 50 :D). This is supposed to go […]

Career move

October 8, 2019 goerp 0

This is a remake in English of a cartoon I made for a company newsletter. The colors are a bit weird on this one. I […]