This will have to do

July 22, 2015 goerp 0

Experimenting a bit with a spilt screen on my C64 SuperHires viewer. Here’s a cartoon with the standard C64 font. The font is not great. […]


July 15, 2015 goerp 0

As promised, here a bit of sillyness. The idea ‘feels’ a bit like the comic Pearls before Swine by Stephan Pastis (although not as good of […]

Greeced lightning

July 15, 2015 goerp 2

I’m no expert, but I do find it a bit weird that you lend money to someone who is already over their head in debt […]

Geek history

July 8, 2015 goerp 0

A quick one inspired by a friend complaining about forgiveness of Javascript.

More progress

July 1, 2015 goerp 0

Still working on a cross platform super hires C64 drawing program (looking for suggestions to make the description even longer). Drawing works pretty good now, just […]