Break up

June 29, 2015 goerp 0

I had this cartoon in the back of my mind for some time, but considering the latest developments in Europe I thought “I’d better hurry […]


June 24, 2015 goerp 0

  And if that doesn’t work, we’ll broaden our definition of ‘war’ !! And we’ll tax some weapons !! (unless there is a powerfull lobby […]

Project progress

June 22, 2015 goerp 0

A few weeks ago I made a cartoon that was also in C64Β format. I’d like to make more in that format. I tried a few […]

Metro (clou less)

June 14, 2015 goerp 0

The Dutch Metro gave comic artist the opportunity for a week to send in a comic strip to feature in their newspaper. Just before the […]

Knock knock

June 3, 2015 goerp 1

Sometimes I’m asked to make upΒ a cartoon on the spot (and sometimes I think I’m going to be asked to make up a cartoon on […]