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How’s that for a review?

September 26, 2014 goerp 0

Praise for ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’: ‘Dumbest thing I’ve played since Goat Simulator’ – Obsolete Entertainment Watch the complete gameplay review here:

Great days

September 24, 2014 goerp 0

No introductory text, no sub text (no time!), just pure cynicism.  


September 19, 2014 goerp 0

I was watching a Commodore 64 demo on Youtube (Nostalgia Nerd!) when ‘gasp!’ ‘shock!’ I saw: Someone plagiarized a effect I made for Excel! I […]

What’s in the news?

September 3, 2014 goerp 0

“What’s in the news? Read all about it!” (Free cartoon for anyone guessing what I was thinking of while writing that quote).