Noordertest 2016

October 24, 2016 goerp 2

Just like last year the organizers of the Noordertest event asked me to make a cartoon for their posters. I showed them 5 sketches and […]

Metro (clou less)

June 14, 2015 goerp 0

The Dutch Metro gave comic artist the opportunity for a week to send in a comic strip to feature in their newspaper. Just before the […]


November 29, 2014 goerp 0

A bit ‘mosterd na de maaltijd’; the high point of the ‘zwarte piet discussion‘ hasΒ passed already. (also, I have no idea why I’m typing this […]

Easter punny

April 21, 2014 goerp 0

As if the title wasn’t bad enough:Β  “I issue a fatwa on Santa, death to the unbelievers!” Unfortunately this only makes sense to people that […]

Voting cartoon

March 2, 2014 goerp 0

The DutchΒ municipality Dantumadiel is using a cartoon by me to encourage young people to vote for local elections. It is send with the ballot papers. […]

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New Europass cartoon

November 26, 2013 goerp 0

Europass asked me if I could make a cartoon to remind people to fill out the survey of their site. This is what I came […]

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Old stuff

October 7, 2013 goerp 0

While googling myself (actually I was trying to see if my old ‘nepblog’ was still somewhere on the internet) I found someone who used my […]