Spriting for the future

October 8, 2019 goerp 0

Still working on the Willow Pattern Adventure re-crack project I hope to finish one day (hopefully before turning 50 :D). This is supposed to go […]

Career move

October 8, 2019 goerp 0

This is a remake in English of a cartoon I made for a company newsletter. The colors are a bit weird on this one. I […]


May 26, 2019 goerp 0

the things you find when you dive into your ideas-archive (pile of sketches)

KLUX Designer

May 19, 2019 goerp 0

This was a little idea I came up with after attending a conference about (digital) Accessibility. It was drawn on the way back home in […]

Online c64 drawing tool

April 21, 2019 goerp 0

Wasn’t it Einstein who said: “That’s not me! That looks like Gerard Depardieu playing me!”? I know it’s not a great drawing, but that’s what […]