First cartoon

March 5, 2014 goerp 0

Walking in nature on a sunny day, I decided to do a cartoon about birds in spring. This is one of several I came up […]

Kick the habit

February 26, 2014 goerp 0

First cartoon of the day. I had no idea when I sat down in front of my computer and decided to try a different method: […]

First cartoon of the day

February 19, 2014 goerp 0

  It’s a political cartoon again.Sorry about that. Old habits die hard (I made Dutch topical cartoons from 2006-2010 as you can see here in […]

Agile cartoons

February 5, 2014 goerp 1

Second post of the day! I had a workshop about Agile development (including an Agile Foundation exam). It was an inspiration for several cartoons. So as […]

Wednesday cartoon-day

February 5, 2014 goerp 0

I have to admit, the title is catchier in Dutch (woensdag cartoondag). Anyway, I’ve decided to try and make wednesday my ‘make-at-least-one-cartoon-day’. The first one […]