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Re-hacking the 80’s- part 4

<read previous part Unbugging the past In this part I’m going to describe how I removed a ‘feature’ of the game that I consider to be a bug. Backup material But first: Maybe you imaginary readers would like to have the disassembled source I use, so I uploaded the currenty version. I still add comments … Continue reading →

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Bonus cartoon

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Helsing’s Hunt Hacked (haha)!

Years ago I played games on the Commodore 64. Quite a lot of these games were ‘cracked’ by a hacking group called ‘TRIAD’. Today it all went full circle: they cracked MY GAME! http://csdb.dk/release/index.php?id=122115 Or see the announcement (announcement, haha!) of it on their site: http://www.triad.se/helsing-vs-dracula They also fixed a bug apparently and added a … Continue reading →

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