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yeah yeah, very punny

‘Hey hippie! If you like puns that much, why don’t you move to the UK?’

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Dutch one

A Dutch pun this week. To the people that don’t speak Dutch I would like to say: you don’t know how lucky you are! By the way: I could have made an Irish one too.

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Charted territory

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She got me there. . While Í’m on the subject of Excel games . . In a few weeks another Ludum Dare is coming up. I probably won’t be competing although the idea of making another game in Excel is really appealing. At this point in time I don’t really care if most people won’t be able … Continue reading →

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Pun for those that don’t understand Dutch

The previous cartoon was not understandable for non-Dutch speakers. For them I also have this:

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Easter punny

As if the title wasn’t bad enough:  “I issue a fatwa on Santa, death to the unbelievers!” Unfortunately this only makes sense to people that understand Dutch. Eiertollah is a pun on Ayatollah and translates to something like ‘Eggatollah’.  

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