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This will have to do

Experimenting a bit with a spilt screen on my C64 SuperHires viewer. Here’s a cartoon with the standard C64 font. The font is not great. But for now this will have to do.      

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NSA Cartoon (as part of wednesday cartoon-day)

Yes, another NSA cartoon, but this time a lot less political. This is probably the only cartoon I will post today. I made more, but they are for clients. So you may see them but that will be after they have used it.

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Wednesday cartoon-day

I have to admit, the title is catchier in Dutch (woensdag cartoondag). Anyway, I’ve decided to try and make wednesday my ‘make-at-least-one-cartoon-day’. The first one I made today isn’t that good. It’s about irony, but it’s a bit too political and too preachy for my (own) liking, but as a drawing I like it. It … Continue reading →

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