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Drostest effect

Yesterday I went to the Noordertest event. I had fun, had some nice and some interesting conversations and attended some lectures. There was one lecture about improving legacy code in automated testing. I didn’t go to that lecture, but the ‘blurb’ spoke about writing unit tests to improve your legacy automated tests. The animated gif above … Continue reading →

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Noordertest 2016

Just like last year the organizers of the Noordertest event asked me to make a cartoon for their posters. I showed them 5 sketches and they liked them so much they wanted to take three. Noordertest 2016 has ‘The internet of things’ as its theme, so I made all cartoons fit the theme. They also made a pdf with … Continue reading →

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More security issues

Next week I’ll be doing some live cartooning. This time not digital, but live drawing on a flip chart. I haven’t done that before so I practiced it with an easel (which I happen to have). It took some getting used to (if you make error with the marker, there is no other option but … Continue reading →

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Security rest

Tomorrow is the ‘Noordertest’ event in Groningen. Here are some more the security themed sketches I made for the event:

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Goerp in the wild

If you are in Groningen, the Netherlands the next few days you might see posters like this one: I made the cartoon for this poster for ‘Noordertest’. It’s an event where organisations share their knowlegde about software testing (http://www.nnot.nl/index.php/noordertest). They have some nice lecturess as well, so I think I will be there next thursday. … Continue reading →

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