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Zombie choo choo

I made another game for Ludum Dare (I will post more on that later, the game can be found at http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=14225). I had some weird inapproriate music to go along with it, which I like. It’s simple. A loop I made with Sid Wizard, a great tracker for the Commodore 64 (http://csdb.dk/release/?id=131846) . I’m still working … Continue reading →

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Ludum Dare 30 + solution

The previous weekend was another Ludum Dare weekend. Although I found it tough, I’m pretty pleased with the result. As usual I try to think of a game that other people will not think of. And as usual my game is not very easy (or fun) to play. The general feedback is that it’s HARD. … Continue reading →

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Ben Eath, post mortem post

Two weeks ago I made the game (term used loosely) ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’ for the Ludum Dare 29 competition. Usually people write a ‘post-mortem’ about making the game, writing about what went right what went badly, stuff like that. It’s also used to promote your game. I came up with an idea to … Continue reading →

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Another Ludum Dare done

This time the theme was ‘Beneath the surface’. The theme had been in the top 20 suggestions a few times, so I already had some ideas. I chose one and started coding. after day one I had something that looked like this: A game where you had to try to have a succesful date by … Continue reading →

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This pretty much sums it up:

It feels exactly like this:

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The results are in for the Ludum Dare #28 competition. Considering the comments my game had, I secretly hoped for a top ten result in the category ‘innovation’. I was almost there . .but I still consider 11th of almost 800 Jam competitors to be a very good result! Compared to my previous entry  there … Continue reading →

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Game feature

My Mini Ludum 45 entry ‘Helsing’s hunt’ is featured on the gallery of CBM .prg Studio , the site of the program I used to create the (Commodore 64) game. It can be found on this page: http://www.ajordison.co.uk/Gallery.html I’m still working on the game, although VERY slowly. But here’s an rough idea of the second … Continue reading →

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Ludum Dare post + solution

Another Ludum Dare finished. At the moment I’m pretty pleased with it. Not really the finished product, but good enough for now. I think I will work on it later. You can play it at: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=14225   Here are a few hints, if you get stuck. I’ve made pages so you don’t have to see … Continue reading →

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Helsings Hunt-A stab in the dark is DONE!

Hooray! In my teen years I was too lazy and distracted to get into game programming. I tried it a bit but soon gave up and just played games. Now several decades later I have redeemed myself!. I made a game in assembly in less than two weeks (almost within a week!) and it’s not … Continue reading →

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Helsing’s hunt (update 2)

It’s beginning to look like a game. It has a starting screen, you can get instructions, the scrolling of the background is working, the lightning effect is working (game not suitable for people with eplilepsy). The sprites are defined and animating (although it looks like helsings hat is made of jelly). The idea of the … Continue reading →

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