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No brain cells harmed …

I didn’t think about how hard it would be to emulate pixel art with water colours. No wonder this kickstarter has more than enough backing: water color pixel art kickstarter

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computer gain

  I really wanted to do something different this time. This is the result. Not really a surprise, I’m a bit preoccupied with retro games lately. The picture uses 3-pixel wide lettering, which is bit tricky to do (and read maybe). My signature is even done in 2-pixel wide lettering. There are cases when you … Continue reading →

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Happy birthday!

It was someone’s birthday today and I thought I would quickly put a drawing on his timeline. I came up with two ideas and the one he didn’t get was this one: I don’t usually don’t to sexually tinted cartoons, because a lot of them aren’t funny, but this is more pun than sexual, I think … Continue reading →

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She got me there. . While Í’m on the subject of Excel games . . In a few weeks another Ludum Dare is coming up. I probably won’t be competing although the idea of making another game in Excel is really appealing. At this point in time I don’t really care if most people won’t be able … Continue reading →

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How’s that for a review?

Praise for ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’: ‘Dumbest thing I’ve played since Goat Simulator’ – Obsolete Entertainment Watch the complete gameplay review here:

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Ben Eath, post mortem post

Two weeks ago I made the game (term used loosely) ‘Ben Eath the Surf Ace’ for the Ludum Dare 29 competition. Usually people write a ‘post-mortem’ about making the game, writing about what went right what went badly, stuff like that. It’s also used to promote your game. I came up with an idea to … Continue reading →

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More Helsing Stuff

The flow of the game is working pretty good now. It’s quite easy to make transitions from intro to startscreen to helpscreen to level intro to level. Or any transition you like. It’s now also possible to play the first level, beat it and progress to level 2. Level 2 has no stabbing, no hit … Continue reading →

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Helsing’s hunt update

Boy, progress  is sometimes hard to measure. The sticky notes with ‘user stories'(just small units of work really) are not moving as fast as I hoped (and sometimes they get pulled down by my cat). There also new notes appearing whenever I realise I need more then what I anticipated, but that’s to be expected. … Continue reading →

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I’m planning to dedicate the coming two weeks to make some progress with my C64 game Helsing’s Hunt. I’ve made a simple (and not completely agile) progress board, started this morning and the first task is DONE! It took me a bit longer than expected, but I learned a bit more about the music routine … Continue reading →

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