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I’m the SID collection!

The SID collection is library of music made for the SID (Sound Interface Device) chip. The SID chip was the sound chip for the Commodore 64. I was looking up my own game on csdb.dk (Commodore scene database) checking if there were some more comments on my game (there’s a funny Dutch word for it … Continue reading →

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Small update

Did not do much today, but I updated the character set of the Helsing game. I found the first version very flimsy, so I made the lines a bit thicker.  I’m pleased with the result so far. Look at the difference I also made the border a bit thicker. It looks now a bit more … Continue reading →

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Quick update

It was not the most productive day in the past two weeks, but I mad a change to my graphics editor so I can design the graphics for end level. I made a first version and changed my game, so you see the end screen after finishing level 2. There’s no Dracula yet, but there … Continue reading →

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Playable version Helsing’s Hunt

that is to say: when you use a broad definition of ‘playable’. You can call it pre-alpha (you can, because all games start pre alpha, right?). At http://www.goerp.nl/C64/alpha.html EDIT: http://www.goerp.nl/C64/test/ is a version online. It can be played in the browser using the Java applet, but your security settings might not let you. You can also download it … Continue reading →

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Now it gets interesting

Memory problems! I was trying to make more graphics for the second level. Someone pointed out that the wall in the second level looked like it a ‘vertical line’ in it. That made the wall look less natural than intended. So I tried to fix that and ended up with 240 unique character definitions. If … Continue reading →

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More Helsing Stuff

The flow of the game is working pretty good now. It’s quite easy to make transitions from intro to startscreen to helpscreen to level intro to level. Or any transition you like. It’s now also possible to play the first level, beat it and progress to level 2. Level 2 has no stabbing, no hit … Continue reading →

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Helsing’s hunt update

Boy, progress  is sometimes hard to measure. The sticky notes with ‘user stories'(just small units of work really) are not moving as fast as I hoped (and sometimes they get pulled down by my cat). There also new notes appearing whenever I realise I need more then what I anticipated, but that’s to be expected. … Continue reading →

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NSA Cartoon (as part of wednesday cartoon-day)

Yes, another NSA cartoon, but this time a lot less political. This is probably the only cartoon I will post today. I made more, but they are for clients. So you may see them but that will be after they have used it.

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So what to do on a saturday afternoon? Work on my game of course. Or make a new ‘about’ page on my blog.  Hmm, I have to mention some of my programming history, oh yeah I forgot about my excel program site. Better mention that. Let’s take a look at it. Oh dear there are … Continue reading →

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Little preview

I’ve posted a very small (tiny!) preview of the second (or maybe third) level for Helsing’s hunt. What you see is the the shadow of a vampire projected on the wall. The sound is not representative. I’m working integrating a different musc routine in the game. It’s based on Rob Hubbards music routine, because that … Continue reading →

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