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She got me there. . While Í’m on the subject of Excel games . . In a few weeks another Ludum Dare is coming up. I probably won’t be competing although the idea of making another game in Excel is really appealing. At this point in time I don’t really care if most people won’t be able … Continue reading →

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Procedural singsong

I have an old unfinished program (actually an excel sheet) lying around that creates procedural music. I wondered what it would sound like if I played it with a Aquestone VST plugin: Of course most of the result depends on the input, the song and usually what my program spews out is pretty rubbish but some are … Continue reading →

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I was watching a Commodore 64 demo on Youtube (Nostalgia Nerd!) when ‘gasp!’ ‘shock!’ I saw: Someone plagiarized a effect I made for Excel! I admit it’s pretty unlikely someone running into that obscure corner of the internet that is my Excel-weird-stuff-site. OK so no plagiarims but Morphogenetics! Judge for yourself: The demo (admire the … Continue reading →

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So what to do on a saturday afternoon? Work on my game of course. Or make a new ‘about’ page on my blog.  Hmm, I have to mention some of my programming history, oh yeah I forgot about my excel program site. Better mention that. Let’s take a look at it. Oh dear there are … Continue reading →

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Helsings Hunt

The current mini Ludum Dare has as theme ‘Low level Jam’ and challenges you to make something with a low level programming language. You can’t get much lower than assembly, so I will try to make a game for a Commodore 64. It means, pulling out the old ‘Commodore 64 Reference Guide’ and creating pixely … Continue reading →

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