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more voting toons

new stuff to test so here again some quick b&w cartoons ps: no voting possible only likes

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Cynics double bill

I found a Tomb Raider fountain pen in the attic (no idea where I got it) and some ink cartridges, so I wanted to try it out. The ink in the cartridges is water soluble unfortunately, so the colouring and lines all become one big smudge, but I like that. I’m never going to make … Continue reading →

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Elephant in the room

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Foreign policies

  IS he? REALLY?

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Forget what I said

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A promise

A promise is a promise! On the other hand: he might mean ‘create more Steve Jobs’. Better not take any chances, I’ll get my gun.

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Voting cartoon

The Dutch municipality Dantumadiel is using a cartoon by me to encourage young people to vote for local elections. It is send with the ballot papers. Actually, young voters have a chance to win an Ipad, which will probably be the main enticement. But my cartoon is used as eye candy to make them read about … Continue reading →

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